Kathy’s KSTAR Contest and Discovering her Roots.

April 21, 2016

Kathy Hetzel had been searching for her father since he left the family when she was just four years old...and in 1989...she found him, kinda. He had died just a year before. So she never got to resolve her issues with why a dad would leave her and her family... Enter 96.1 KSTAR and a contest. You see, Kathy in finding out her father had passed away...also discovered she had a brother she never knew about. So she found him, they talked...but it was distance, time and money keeping the two long-lost siblings apart...the Contest. KSTAR had a radio contest in 1989...where a listener would write a letter on why they should have a loved one flown in to the Grand Valley for Valentines Day...Kathy Wrote a heartfelt letter ...and you guessed it...She won the Contest. But for Kathy this was more than a contest...it was a reunion...34 years in the making...meeting a brother she never knew she had and discovering her past. KSTAR paid for her brother to come in... but what Kathy got from then on? Is priceless. 

Here is Kathy Hetzel's "Good News."



BELLA’S BEES, A Budding Bee-znus & Howdy, a Honey of a Guy.

April 11, 2016

Howard "Howdy" Martsolf will tell you, he only really reads when he want's to learn something. So, when he decided to get into the Bee business with his son Andy and his Granddaughter, Bella...like Forrest Gump running across America... he started reading...and just kept on reading about Bees...the what, why, when and just how important bees are to the planet. Howdy is a renaissance man of sorts, venturing into dairy goats, drafting, the furniture business and even gold prospecting ...now the only gold Howdy, his son and granddaughter mine?...Is liquid gold...Honey! 

("Bella, Holding up some of her favorite friends! HoneyBees!") 

Local Honey made by local bees and collected from several different locations across the Western Slope. Call him what you will, a 'Bee Whisperer', a "Bee Savant',  a "pollen professor" or even just Howdy the Honey man... Howard is passionate for everything Bee! And, Howdy will tell you how important Bees are to the environment, crops, life and sustainability for us humans. Yup, Howdy is one of those people you meet and you just love the buzz of energy you get when you ask them about that one thing they are passionate about...and for Howdy and his family? It's Bees and collecting and selling the most natural, healthy and "wonderful product, as Howdy tells me...in the world... Local, Western Slope Honey! Bella's Bees Honey! 
Howdy, by the way? The President of the Western Colorado Beekeepers association! Call HIm...and He will talk bees!  
Here is Howdy's Allgood News!
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For more information on Bella's Bees Honey and where to purchase it ...just go to their website: 


Life, Death & Acceptance: Catherine Mosher, Dignity in dying at HopeWest Hospice.

April 2, 2016

I met and interviewed Cathrine Mosher in her large room at HopeWest Hospice on February 17, 2016. The hospice room, not looking like anything you'd see in a hospital...but maybe in a mansion in the Redlands. Wood floors, rich and comfortable colors throughout, plants and some flowers...simple but elegant... the only sign of a hospital...the bed. The electric sleeping unit, with it's buttons, cords, the green and red lights, monitoring the frail body of Catherine, lying there, the bed is adjusted so Catherine is sitting up a bit. Huge windows with views of mountains to the South and the Colorado National Monument. It is incredibly comfortable for what it is... A place for people to die with dignity and peace. I had no idea what Catherine looked like before she got her terminal cancer...once I did...the transformation is dramatic and the effects of cancer and the treatments ...radical on the body. Catherine is frail, with a big smile, her sunken eyes yellow from jaundice...but it's the light and her spirit which shine through what is left of her shell. In our 30 minute interview. SHE is full of life, understands what's ahead and has made peace with her life, her children and whatever may lie ahead after this life is over. Acceptance, was her theme in the interview, she must have repeated it 10-20 times. Honesty, "brutally honest"...was the other theme. Telling me over and over that she is proud of her candid and upfront nature with everyone and everything in her life ...including with her children. 


Born in Rangely, lived in Fruita and now, Catherine will die peacefully and comfortably in Grand Junction at HopeWest Hospice.  There is so much more about Catherine Mosher...there is no way My 30 minute interview or  90-second AllGood News can capture. But this is what I came away with... Catherine Mosher, was a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend, a fighter, devoted and honest. Like it or not , I have a feeling she wouldn't have had a problem saying it. And in what would be some people's darkest moments? She was a light, she was candid and she was so positive. And, she allowed me to come into her world, if only for a moment and she made ME feel comfortable. That is a true measure of Character, Heart and Spirit. 

I'm posting this story on April 2,, 2016. I found out Catherine passed away on March 6, 2016.  I was sad...for not putting this together sooner so she could hear how wonderful she sounds and is...but, I think her family, her sons...and most importantly, she knew and knows...that her time on this earth was well spent, and even in the face of adversity she smiled and passed knowing... she was who she was ...and the world wasn't going to change that. 

Here is Catherine Betty Mosher's "Good News"

If you are interested in knowing more about Hospice of HopeWest please feel free to visit their website or call. 


In the Grand Valley - 970-257-2401  

A special thanks to Alyssa Hampson of HopeWest for setting up this interview and her help throughout the process. 

AHA! Moments: Sara Hect’s Mission to Help Children with Dyslexia.

March 20, 2016

Sara Hect, a teacher, saw a need, with her own daughter who was lagging in school, seemed disinterested and wasn't doing her work. That's when Sara had an AHA!  Moment. She discovered her daughter had dyslexia. The phonological issue in which kids and words and shaping them ...just don't work so well. It has nothing to do with intelligence...or as many people think , reading things backwards or seeing them that way, there is so much more to it. So... Sara did her research, and got her daughter the help she needed and now she is thriving. But it was other parents coming to Sara, asking for help with a diagnosis or just tutoring to get their child the support and extra care they needed...that motivated her to start Western Colorado Educational Services and the Non-Profit AHA! A program to help those kids with Dyslexia and other learning disorders realize they're not stupid or dumb...they have a learning disorder, a different way of seeing and hearing the world. And Sara says it was a money issue as well...with so many parents coming her way...she knew she didn't have the time or resources to help them all. The Non-Profit is now helping with that. With a Board just seated and the designation she needed...kids now across the Western Slop don't have to travel to Denver to get a diagnosis that could cost upwards to $2,500.00. Sara and Western Colorado Educational Services can do it for much cheaper AND you don't have to drive all the way to Denver.  Sara saw a need...and as busy as she is with her own life and large family...she knew she could help, and now she's changing lives with the cerebral and affordable Western Colorado Educational Services. 

Here is Sara Hect's "Good News"
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For more information on Sara and the Non-Profit AHA! - Western Colorado Educational Services ...just go to their Website:    - wceducationalservices.com -

Madison’s Prayer(s) - Getting the Parents back Together.

March 18, 2016

Madison lives in Montrose with her Parents and her baby brother and her pet Guinea Pig. But it wasn't always that way. Her parents had split and little Madison was so tired of going back and forth between her mom and dad. So she did ... a little praying. And yup, somehow, someway, her parents found that spark and got back together. But Madison wasn't done, she decided to pray for a baby brother, and lo and behold...her mother got pregnant with a ...baby boy! Madison, not surprised at all, believing the whole time in prayer and good things...she even prayed to get a guinea pig...and ta da! She got a guinea pig. Madison says she understands the power of prayer and doesn't abuse her grip on faith. But, she says... every now and then...it's okay to pray for those things that are most important ...like family.

Here is Madison's 'Good News'
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Dave Allgood    


The “Lucky Car” - David Watkins, from no kids to four kids.

March 18, 2016

David Watkins had a dream to have his own architectural firm, live in the Northwest and just enjoy the groove of a young educated man, with a simple plan. But, there is always a but... David had no idea how much his life would change with a simple move to the Grand Junction to help his mom through some health issues and the four children she was taking care of. David didn't know his mother was going to die. She did...leaving 4 children without anybody. Uncle David had grown attached to the kids...he decided to stay, no matter the cost to his personal dreams and take care of the kids. The personal and financial tolls obvious for a young man. But in David's eyes, minor struggles when it comes to family and doing the right thing. 

So, with four kids, there is a lot of running around and David's car? Not too reliable, matter of fact not reliable at all...breaking down all the time. So, Joy, his sister who lives in California had a friend who lives in the Grand Valley tell her about a contest on our sister station " Magic 93.1 ", A contest from Antonelli's Advance Automotive to give a car to someone who really needs it. Joy sent the 150 word essay in  describing David's situation and what he's been doing and been through over the last few months... and then forgot about it. But Dan Antonelli, the owner didn't...it was the letter he picked, the winner of a car was going to be David Watkins. Having met and talked with David Watkins I can tell you two things...he's determined and he loves those kids...oh and this car he won? He and the kids call it the "Lucky Car". Good things do happen to good people doing ...good things. And Joy, David and Dan... All good people doing good things for the right reasons...making positive changes in the world with positive actions. 

Here is David Watkin's "Good News" 
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One Billion Rising. What are the Red Flags of Violence? A global event right here in the Grand Valley.

February 10, 2016

Melanie Morrison is an advocate...for positive, healing change in her community here on the Western Slope. What was once taboo...is now talked about...domestic violence, better yet... the new inclusive term, partner violence. But are we doing all we can do...are we ignoring the 'red flags' around us? The signs a loved one is in a destructive relationship. The isolation, the shame, withdrawn and wilting? Why are we so afraid of helping the ones we love? So many questions. And, there are answers. But...if we don't move forward, be pro-active? are we complicit? Enter, ONE Billion Rising... A global event aimed at empowering women through knowledge, dance and song. The message? YOU are not alone and you can change! Melanie, who is organizing the Global event which will take place at Colorado Mesa University on February 20th, 2016 at 10am...  says...she may be a dreamer...but "wouldn't it be powerful if the whole world is filled with compassion?" There would be a change ...for the good. The One Billion Rising event... is based on the fact that 1 in 3 women will be raped or involved in some sort of domestic abuse in their lifetime. Melanie says that is staggering... but there is hope. The One Billion Rising will feature speakers addressing the issue of partner violence, resources and ...the Dance. Why a dance? Well, Melissa says violence can be paralyzing and dance is a way to release those bonds that hold women back...and it's universal. Melissa hopes you will join her and the other One Billion Women who will be getting empowered on February 20th at CMU. It's easy, fun and you will find...you're not alone and there is HOPE. To sign up just go to the Facebook page: 'One Billion Rising. What are the Red Flags of Violence?'  Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1263593027001251/   

The powerful Global Song can be found right here: http://youtu.be/fL5N8rSy4CU
 Change starts with one step forward ...or in this case with one 'dance' step forward...to know you are not alone...and you have the power.
Here is Melanie's... Good News. 

The House-A Safe Place for Teens. An Idea sculpted into reality. Wheels That Heal.

February 8, 2016

John Mok-Lamme will tell you he had a great idea to get homeless and abused teens off the street and into a safe place. That place eventually became ...The House. But he will also tell you... he came to Dave Beck, the General Manager at MBC Grand Broadcasting a little naive. But that's why we all work together on a good cause. Ideas are great, implementation is the hard stuff. But the partnership has proved to be a winning one for teens in the Grand Valley.  Who knew there were almost two-hundred homeless teens in Mesa County? Another hundred 'couch surfing' because they either don't have a home or can't go there...for a host of reasons...including sexual abuse. John's vision was to not just get them off the street, but get these victims help...real help and get them on their feet to get healed and to rise above these horrible beginnings. The collaboration with radio...and John's undying passion for his cause has the Program doing amazing things for teens...The House is changing lives...for the good. But just like anything ...there are expenses. So they've come up with a new program...'Wheels that Heal' a great opportunity for the public to now donate their old, unwanted cars to The House. Old cars can bring a lot of cash...money that can keep the doors open and hope alive for our homeless young people here in the Grand Valley.

If you'd like help The House by donating your car, just call   970-234-2700. If it doesn't drive...they'll come get it for you! For free! 
Here is the 'Good News' for THE House! 

Kids Aid, The Backpack Program - ‘Wheels that Heal’ and feeding kids!

February 8, 2016

Kids Aid, The Backpack Program started out as an idea from one Mike Berry. He saw a need and took steps to make a change. Kids in Mesa County going hungry on the weekends. Away from school and the school cafeteria. So Mike approached MBC Grand Broadcasting in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was there that he met General Manager, Dave Beck and a powerful collaboration was formed. Mike Berry with his drive and passion and the power of local radio. The rest is history. Fast forward 8 years and Kids Aid is feeding over two-thousand kids a week in Mesa County... at a cost of over $7-thousand dollars a week. All thanks to grants and the kindness of the Grand Valley. And now ... they've created the Program, Wheels that Heal... opening the door for the donation from the public... of old cars that run and don't run and really any other vehicle. Those cars that don't mean much to you...can go a long way to putting food in a young person's belly. 

Executive Director of Kids Aid, Mary Beth Luedtke says... "the power of radio is a major factor in their success in getting the word out about the need for food for kids in the Grand Valley." And ...Dave Beck will be the first to tell you ...we all live here ...and his goal, the radio stations' goal...is to make the Western Slope a better place to live. 
If you would like to donate your old car, running or not,  (they'll pick it up for free!) Call: 970 234-2700. 
Here's their Website:    kidsaidcolorado.org
Here's... Kids Aid's...  'Good News' 

Ann Judge, Thunder-ing! The Denver Broncos Live Mascot.

February 5, 2016

For almost 20 years, Ann Judge has spent at least 8 of her fall Sundays, loading up the symbol of the Denver Broncos and heading to a stadium packed with thousands of passionate football fans. And for Thunder?...the most recognizable of all the NFL mascots? Its just another day at the office. Leading the team out of the tunnel and onto the furious, buzzing field into the den of devoted Denver Broncos fans. I got a chance to talk to Ann while she and Thunder were waiting off highway 80 in Wyoming...heading to Super Bowl 50. Bad weather shutting down the road. Thunder 3 or tres... on a journey to the biggest stage in the world...hopefully to be running on the field a lot. Ann Judge lives in Bennett, Colorado, where she trains Arabian horses. But the Thunder(s)? Yup, there's more than one...are one of her biggest loves...the long hours of training to get a horse to trust you as you send it into a roaring stadium, which they would normally run from... is her passion...the riding she says...is just the cherry on the top. But oh, what a cherry. You see, as John Elway said... "I loved seeing that white horse...it means something good happened!" Thunder comes onto the field everytime the team scores... Ann at the helm, holding a huge flag...the crowd going wild. I asked Ann to describe what it's like to come out of that tunnel, with the team behind her, grunting and jacked-up, fireworks going off...cheerleaders lining up like lights on a runway ...and she and Thunder bolting out of the darkness first and into the roar of the crowd...leading the team. She obliged...and here is Ann's ... Good News.