The House-A Safe Place for Teens. An Idea sculpted into reality. Wheels That Heal.

February 8, 2016

John Mok-Lamme will tell you he had a great idea to get homeless and abused teens off the street and into a safe place. That place eventually became ...The House. But he will also tell you... he came to Dave Beck, the General Manager at MBC Grand Broadcasting a little naive. But that's why we all work together on a good cause. Ideas are great, implementation is the hard stuff. But the partnership has proved to be a winning one for teens in the Grand Valley.  Who knew there were almost two-hundred homeless teens in Mesa County? Another hundred 'couch surfing' because they either don't have a home or can't go there...for a host of reasons...including sexual abuse. John's vision was to not just get them off the street, but get these victims help...real help and get them on their feet to get healed and to rise above these horrible beginnings. The collaboration with radio...and John's undying passion for his cause has the Program doing amazing things for teens...The House is changing lives...for the good. But just like anything ...there are expenses. So they've come up with a new program...'Wheels that Heal' a great opportunity for the public to now donate their old, unwanted cars to The House. Old cars can bring a lot of that can keep the doors open and hope alive for our homeless young people here in the Grand Valley.

If you'd like help The House by donating your car, just call   970-234-2700. If it doesn't drive...they'll come get it for you! For free! 
Here is the 'Good News' for THE House!