Ann Judge, Thunder-ing! The Denver Broncos Live Mascot.

February 5, 2016

For almost 20 years, Ann Judge has spent at least 8 of her fall Sundays, loading up the symbol of the Denver Broncos and heading to a stadium packed with thousands of passionate football fans. And for Thunder?...the most recognizable of all the NFL mascots? Its just another day at the office. Leading the team out of the tunnel and onto the furious, buzzing field into the den of devoted Denver Broncos fans. I got a chance to talk to Ann while she and Thunder were waiting off highway 80 in Wyoming...heading to Super Bowl 50. Bad weather shutting down the road. Thunder 3 or tres... on a journey to the biggest stage in the world...hopefully to be running on the field a lot. Ann Judge lives in Bennett, Colorado, where she trains Arabian horses. But the Thunder(s)? Yup, there's more than one...are one of her biggest loves...the long hours of training to get a horse to trust you as you send it into a roaring stadium, which they would normally run from... is her passion...the riding she just the cherry on the top. But oh, what a cherry. You see, as John Elway said... "I loved seeing that white means something good happened!" Thunder comes onto the field everytime the team scores... Ann at the helm, holding a huge flag...the crowd going wild. I asked Ann to describe what it's like to come out of that tunnel, with the team behind her, grunting and jacked-up, fireworks going off...cheerleaders lining up like lights on a runway ...and she and Thunder bolting out of the darkness first and into the roar of the crowd...leading the team. She obliged...and here is Ann's ... Good News.