Madison’s Prayer(s) - Getting the Parents back Together.

March 18, 2016

Madison lives in Montrose with her Parents and her baby brother and her pet Guinea Pig. But it wasn't always that way. Her parents had split and little Madison was so tired of going back and forth between her mom and dad. So she did ... a little praying. And yup, somehow, someway, her parents found that spark and got back together. But Madison wasn't done, she decided to pray for a baby brother, and lo and behold...her mother got pregnant with a boy! Madison, not surprised at all, believing the whole time in prayer and good things...she even prayed to get a guinea pig...and ta da! She got a guinea pig. Madison says she understands the power of prayer and doesn't abuse her grip on faith. But, she says... every now and's okay to pray for those things that are most important family.

Here is Madison's 'Good News'
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Dave Allgood