The “Lucky Car” - David Watkins, from no kids to four kids.

March 18, 2016

David Watkins had a dream to have his own architectural firm, live in the Northwest and just enjoy the groove of a young educated man, with a simple plan. But, there is always a but... David had no idea how much his life would change with a simple move to the Grand Junction to help his mom through some health issues and the four children she was taking care of. David didn't know his mother was going to die. She did...leaving 4 children without anybody. Uncle David had grown attached to the kids...he decided to stay, no matter the cost to his personal dreams and take care of the kids. The personal and financial tolls obvious for a young man. But in David's eyes, minor struggles when it comes to family and doing the right thing. 

So, with four kids, there is a lot of running around and David's car? Not too reliable, matter of fact not reliable at all...breaking down all the time. So, Joy, his sister who lives in California had a friend who lives in the Grand Valley tell her about a contest on our sister station " Magic 93.1 ", A contest from Antonelli's Advance Automotive to give a car to someone who really needs it. Joy sent the 150 word essay in  describing David's situation and what he's been doing and been through over the last few months... and then forgot about it. But Dan Antonelli, the owner didn' was the letter he picked, the winner of a car was going to be David Watkins. Having met and talked with David Watkins I can tell you two things...he's determined and he loves those kids...oh and this car he won? He and the kids call it the "Lucky Car". Good things do happen to good people doing ...good things. And Joy, David and Dan... All good people doing good things for the right reasons...making positive changes in the world with positive actions. 

Here is David Watkin's "Good News" 
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