Ron & Judy Barstad, A Love Story 55 Years in the Making. Denver Broncos.

January 30, 2016

It was the early 1960's and Ron Barstad had just gotten out of the Navy and was loving life in Denver and the Hometown Football Team, the Denver Broncos. And his love for the team has never waned...Winning 2 Super Bowls in 7 tries, Ron and his wife of 40 years, Judy... have ridden the roller coaster that is being a true fan of the Denver Broncos, who didn't even have a winning season until 1973. But since that time they're one of the most successful AFC teams in NFL history. Ron has been a season ticket holder for more than five decades and he's entered and lost in the ticket lottery to go to those 7 previous Super Bowls. But with the Broncos getting in this year ...and Ron's failing health, Judy knew this might be the last chance to get her husband the gift that has been on top of his bucket list most of his adult see his team play in the Big Game! So after some letter writing the Broncos top brass...and a personal crusade... Judy's persistence paid off... and they were awarded 4 tickets. They still have to pay for them...but getting the tickets and more importantly getting the man she loves to the biggest game of his life? Priceless. And as you'll hear...this is more than just a man's love for a sports team... It's a love affair...between a man, his wife and the bond of the Broncos that has been a constant in their life for almost 6 decades. Listen now to Ron & Judy's road to Super Bowl 50 Good News.. 


Thomas McCloskey: Smoking…A hazy past replaced with a healthy future.

January 26, 2016

We all have a regrets...big or small, they mean something different to each of us. Even at age 57, 32 years removed from his last cigarette...Thomas McCloskey says he still looks back on how silly it was to smoke as a kid. He started when he was 13...and finally kicked the habit at age 25. These days he's got a wife, two kids...he's a Pharmacist with Primary Care Partners in Grand Junction, Colorado, and he's very active and loves the outdoors. But, it's those 12 years where cigarettes had a hold over him, that still bug him a bit. Why? A question nobody can really answer. Peer pressure, everybody else was doing it? Thomas just knows he was too young to know why he started and realized once he was in college? The smoking was something that needed to end. Now, you might think I'm going to tell you that Thomas quit, and went on to win a slew of marathons and climb Mt. Everest. Nope, but what he did do was change. Got rid of a bad habit and replaced it with a good habit, working out. And he's grateful everyday for the change. And Thomas will be the first to tell you that YOU can change too. Not a preachy style but in I honestly care about your well being style and ...he's been there. 

Here is Thomas McCloskey's 'Good News.'      

Barbara Butler: Chasing and Eventually…Catching a Dream.

January 25, 2016

Just because you have a good job, doesn't mean your happy. Barbara Butlter had a good job and she was good at it. An Assessor for Lincoln and Mesa counties in Colorado. But, short of running for the office...she had peaked. So...the young girl from the southeast plains of Limon, Colorado made a plan. She had no idea it would be more than a decade in the making or involve a few geographical moves. That plan? Go to law school and possibly become a judge. Babs was 30-years old. She and her husband moved to Grand Junction, she enrolled in Mesa State College...and for 8 years straight ...she worked for the county and went to college year-round. Driven? A little bit. So she got her undergrad. Now? It was time for phase-two of getting that Law Degree. A move to Arizona... she and Brad, her husband... headed south and a few years later? The little girl from a small town who wanted to be a Stewardess? Is now with one of the best law firms on the Western Slope. Babs has been practicing law for more than a decade...oh and after just four years?, She just made partner with Dufford Waldeck Milburn & Krohn. Not too shabby. There's a lot more...but what I like about Babs...and you might too... is she's got a neat perspective on life. And getting from point A to point B. Because isn't it really all just about the journey? And what we're willing to do to get there? Babs thinks so ... and I think you might agree.

Here is Barbara Butler's 'Good News.'

Sonya’s simple gesture, clothes on a pole. “I’m not lost …I’m just here to keep you warm.”

January 12, 2016

Sonya Thompson is a beautician, hairdresser, a mom, a wife and free time is not on her radar. But having a big heart and a zest for being busy... there is always something more to do...right? Right. She recently heard about a program in Denver... people putting clothes on poles for the homeless with notes attached that say, " I'm not lost, I'm just here to keep you warm." Sonya thought, what a great idea. The Salon she works for "Revolution Evolve" in downtown Grand Junction, sees it's share of homeless walking past their windows. And Sonya, being Sonya...thought, I can make a difference...even if it's a little asking her clients to bring in scarves, gloves, coats and even socks that they don't use or need ...and she would stick 'em on a pole for the homeless...on her way home after a 12 hour day. Well, she's been doing it for a couple of months now. She puts the clothes out at night and in the morning? They're gone. Why do it? Because she says it's just a little something she can do to make a difference. And it just makes her feel good knowing somebody is a little warmer on these frigid Colorado winter nights because of something as simple as putting coats on a pole.

Here is Sonya's Allgood News. 

Paul Pitton: District 51 School Board ‘Adversity’, just a speedbump on his road of consistency.

January 11, 2016

Paul Pitton has been doing several things really good for almost four decades in the Grand just one spot... Palisade High School in Western Colorado. Math Teacher, Football, Track and Little League Coach. Married almost 40 years, 4 sons who all have their college degrees. Steady, Consistent, a man of his word...and passion, for his job(s) and for what he does...seeing kids succeed. Ask anybody about Paul and you get "what a good guy" or "he taught my son or daughter." So, when Paul saw a need on the District 51 School Board for someone who's 'been there' as in with the kids, the parents and the athletes ...he thought he could be that voice. Did I mention Paul has a Master's Degree and his specialty is Finance? He noticed a lot of numbers coming out of Denver and the Legislature weren't adding up...and he thought and thinks... he could make a difference. That's when the Roller Coaster began. Paul throwing his hat in the ring. First he was told because he was a Teacher and a Coach, he couldn't run. That got straightened out. Then because District 51 had not updated their District Maps, he thought he was running for the right seat, come to find out those boundaries had changed some time a go with no one in the administration updating the changes. So Paul being true to the people already supporting him and being true to himself and the School District he loves said "If I win...I'll move."   You guessed it, the People spoke and He won. So He got an apartment within his boundaries and still maintaining a house and a mortgage,which as you can imagine, not financially easy for anybody. But he did it for the right reasons and of course, he is Paul. Say you're gonna do something you do it. So, all done right? Nope, three Mesa County residents, James "Gil" Tisue, husband of the current director for District B, Ann Tisue, Kent Carson, and Dale Pass appealed Judge David Bottger's decision allowing Pitton's votes for Director District B to count in the November election, despite his residency in District D. 

Sound amazingly confusing? It was and is... but Paul won...He's on the Board and his case has been heard and everyone is waiting for a decision from the State's High Court. Meanwhile is a new year, 2016, and Paul is ready to go to work at a Position that by the way pays exactly $0.00. That's right it is a elected, volunteer, non-paid position. Adversity... Paul says it's just part of the deal. "I'm not a Politician"... Paul tells me in the interview... and I think that's why he persevered and why the PEOPLE ...voted him in. Integrity can't be taught. It is observed...and Paul has been shining his brand of integrity for a long time in the young minds of the Grand Valley. It's some of the adults that appear to still have a lot to learn. 

Listen to Paul's Allgood News...Just Click on the player.           

Darrell Cox-Just your average 74 year-old good guy.

January 1, 2016

Darrell Cox believes in honesty, doesn't understand dishonesty and is just enjoying life at age 74. He doesn't live on an island or have a fancy home in a ski town...he just loves life and he's comfortable. He did a turn in the Navy in the 60's was married to his wife for 48 years until she passed away a few years ago and has worked as a mechanic most of his life. Darrell is just beginning to understand a good way. Just a few weeks ago, he dropped an envelope behind a booth at a local diner which had $3000.00 in cash in it. He had no idea...but an honest busboy turned it in. Karma...and in 2009, two days after getting laid off from his job... he won a million dollars playing the lottery. He retired. A good man, he has raised 6 daughters...and finally, Darrell was set for a little R&R...maybe that trip to Australia he's always wanted. But duty called... one of his daughters battling substance abuse... so Darrell did the right thing and got custody of her two boys, his grandsons. That was 3 years ago. Did I mention Darrell, 74,  is a single Grandparent/Parent now raising 2 boys, ages 5 & 7? What a guy right? Karma. He loves the boys, his life and he says for him...this is a new chapter in what so a pretty good life.

Here is Darrell Cox's - Good News.
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Thumper’s one small good gesture goes global. Doing the right thing.

December 29, 2015

He's 50 years old, he's worked with his boss, Randy Emmons, as a busboy for the last nine years at Randy's Southside Diner in Orchard Mesa, Colorado. A small suburb of Grand Junction. In that time Johnny Duckworth III, better known as 'Thumper' has proven himself a loyal, hard worker...who does whatever it takes to get to work, walk, get a ride, ride a bicycle. He's beloved by all the regulars at the diner...and though Thumper has had a host of hard times, his work and appreciation for the simple things in life have never wained. So last month when he found an envelope full of cash, left behind at a booth he was cleaning...without hesitation, he turned it over to his boss. Randy was so impressed by his employees honesty, knowing how much that money would have meant to Thumper...he started a campaign for him. the goal? To raise $3-thousand dollars. The response? Well, it's been out of this world...with national outlets, like USA Today, The Today Show and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation picking up on the story of a busboy...doing the right thing...doing good. It seems so simple, but for some reason, Thumper's story has struck a chord with people in America and as far away as South Africa. Why? Who knows... maybe we just love a good story? Maybe we don't hear enough of them...or maybe, just maybe, we like it when an underdog climbs from the bottom without stepping on anybody else to do it. By the way, the money raised so far? How bout more than $25-thousand dollars! The money will be life changing for Thumper, getting him into some stable housing, some reliable transportation and some money for his future. It all started with a good deed and a little help from Randy...and the universe took over. Thumper will tell's really not about all the hubbub. It's about a job, friends and his customers...and maybe, just maybe... a vacation in Jamaica. It's his little dream. 

Here is Thumper's 'Good News.'              

Aubrie - Hardships, Heart and Hope! A Parents Journey.

December 22, 2015

Paul and Mandy Hughes are vibrant, athletic, outgoing and in love. After having Olivia, their beautiful,healthy daughter, three years ago…they decided to have another child. Things were looking good until they went to see the doctor…to find out if they were going to have a boy or a girl. The doctor said…" they needed to talk." A wave of dread and emotion flooded over both Paul and Mandy. They found out they were going to have a daughter …but they also found out she would have had half a heart. Mandy gave birth to Aubrie and the last 15 months have been a roller coaster ride for the family. Spending Months in Denver at Children's Hospital… 8 surgeries… 2 of those for Aubrie's little heart. They're home now in Grand Junction, Colorado…but Aubrie still needs another heart surgery in about a year or so…and doctors say she'll need a heart transplant sometime down the road. But for now? Aubrie is learning to crawl and grab and do a little catching up as a toddler… she spent so much time in the hospital.  As for Paul and mandy? They are giving back to the community that helped them so much get through what is nothing less than a crazy, dark time for a family trying to learn, understand and watch their baby go through so much. This is just a brief glimpse into what the last 15 months have been like for these guys. 

This is Aubrie Hope and Paul and Mandy's very candid… 'Good News' 


Marching to Washington D.C. Cedaredge H.S. Colorado Bruin Band Gets Big News!

September 1, 2015

It's not everyday you get good news. Usually it's bills, boredom and mundane stuff. And for teenagers in the small town of Cedaredge, Colorado, just at the base of the Grand Mesa and 30 minutes to the next town that has a Walmart? Excitement and activities are the exception, not the rule. So, for members of the Cedaredge High School Band, this was going to be another year of practice, marching in front of the small football crowds and maybe a local town parade or two. But, that good news... It came in the form of a phone call and lots of disbelief. You see Band Director Melissa Gross and the Members of the scrappy and talented Marching Troup got a message from Congressman, Scott Tipton, something about Marching in the Memorial Day Parade in May of 2016…in Washington D.C.! How Cool is that!? Not just marching and representing the Western Slope of Colorado, but for a lot of these musical minds…it will be a trip of a lifetime. A chance to visit the Nation's Capitol and visit some of the most historical sites. Some of these kids have never been on a plane, let alone out of the Western Slope! So now the work begins… Lots of Practice and Fundraising. You see, to get all these guys and the chorus to D.C.? It's gonna cost $60-thousand dollars! So, the car washes and Bake sales have begun. And, You can help! Just call the Cedaredge High School and tell them you want to give a few bucks or more for the Band…It'll put a song in your heart and you will support a great little band. Did I mention this is going to be Nationally Televised? I just did! Here's the Address and the Phone Number to donate:      

Cedaredge High School Marching Band Donation - D.C. Trip 2016 

575 SE Deer Creek Dr, Cedaredge, CO 81413       (970) 856-6882 

So as you can imagine … May 2016 can't get here fast enough for these guys…but until then, take a listen to the Cedaredge High School Band's  Allgood News.


How Sweet it is! John Harold’s Olathe Sweet Corn Legacy

September 1, 2015

John Harold was a city boy from the East before he got the hankering to move out west almost 50 years ago. Since that time? He's created a legacy for himself and the small town of Olathe, Colorado …situated on the Western Slope of the Centennial state. That legacy? Corn. Not just any corn…sweet,sweet corn. From Los Angeles to Orlando…people sing and eat the praises of the vegatable grown in the tiny town of Olathe. Family, Friends and treating his workers like his own children…John says these things alone make for a great farming environment…and then of course the product. Corn is what he grows…but it's his approach to life that is his winning formula.  

Why Corn and how did all this get started? ? Well John will tell you in this week's Allgood News.