One Billion Rising. What are the Red Flags of Violence? A global event right here in the Grand Valley.

February 10, 2016

Melanie Morrison is an advocate...for positive, healing change in her community here on the Western Slope. What was once now talked about...domestic violence, better yet... the new inclusive term, partner violence. But are we doing all we can do...are we ignoring the 'red flags' around us? The signs a loved one is in a destructive relationship. The isolation, the shame, withdrawn and wilting? Why are we so afraid of helping the ones we love? So many questions. And, there are answers. But...if we don't move forward, be pro-active? are we complicit? Enter, ONE Billion Rising... A global event aimed at empowering women through knowledge, dance and song. The message? YOU are not alone and you can change! Melanie, who is organizing the Global event which will take place at Colorado Mesa University on February 20th, 2016 at 10am...  says...she may be a dreamer...but "wouldn't it be powerful if the whole world is filled with compassion?" There would be a change ...for the good. The One Billion Rising event... is based on the fact that 1 in 3 women will be raped or involved in some sort of domestic abuse in their lifetime. Melanie says that is staggering... but there is hope. The One Billion Rising will feature speakers addressing the issue of partner violence, resources and ...the Dance. Why a dance? Well, Melissa says violence can be paralyzing and dance is a way to release those bonds that hold women back...and it's universal. Melissa hopes you will join her and the other One Billion Women who will be getting empowered on February 20th at CMU. It's easy, fun and you will're not alone and there is HOPE. To sign up just go to the Facebook page: 'One Billion Rising. What are the Red Flags of Violence?'  Here's the link:   

The powerful Global Song can be found right here:
 Change starts with one step forward ...or in this case with one 'dance' step know you are not alone...and you have the power.
Here is Melanie's... Good News.