BELLA’S BEES, A Budding Bee-znus & Howdy, a Honey of a Guy.

April 11, 2016

Howard "Howdy" Martsolf will tell you, he only really reads when he want's to learn something. So, when he decided to get into the Bee business with his son Andy and his Granddaughter, Forrest Gump running across America... he started reading...and just kept on reading about Bees...the what, why, when and just how important bees are to the planet. Howdy is a renaissance man of sorts, venturing into dairy goats, drafting, the furniture business and even gold prospecting the only gold Howdy, his son and granddaughter mine?...Is liquid gold...Honey! 

("Bella, Holding up some of her favorite friends! HoneyBees!") 

Local Honey made by local bees and collected from several different locations across the Western Slope. Call him what you will, a 'Bee Whisperer', a "Bee Savant',  a "pollen professor" or even just Howdy the Honey man... Howard is passionate for everything Bee! And, Howdy will tell you how important Bees are to the environment, crops, life and sustainability for us humans. Yup, Howdy is one of those people you meet and you just love the buzz of energy you get when you ask them about that one thing they are passionate about...and for Howdy and his family? It's Bees and collecting and selling the most natural, healthy and "wonderful product, as Howdy tells the world... Local, Western Slope Honey! Bella's Bees Honey! 
Howdy, by the way? The President of the Western Colorado Beekeepers association! Call HIm...and He will talk bees!  
Here is Howdy's Allgood News!
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