AHA! Moments: Sara Hect’s Mission to Help Children with Dyslexia.

March 20, 2016

Sara Hect, a teacher, saw a need, with her own daughter who was lagging in school, seemed disinterested and wasn't doing her work. That's when Sara had an AHA!  Moment. She discovered her daughter had dyslexia. The phonological issue in which kids and words and shaping them ...just don't work so well. It has nothing to do with intelligence...or as many people think , reading things backwards or seeing them that way, there is so much more to it. So... Sara did her research, and got her daughter the help she needed and now she is thriving. But it was other parents coming to Sara, asking for help with a diagnosis or just tutoring to get their child the support and extra care they needed...that motivated her to start Western Colorado Educational Services and the Non-Profit AHA! A program to help those kids with Dyslexia and other learning disorders realize they're not stupid or dumb...they have a learning disorder, a different way of seeing and hearing the world. And Sara says it was a money issue as well...with so many parents coming her way...she knew she didn't have the time or resources to help them all. The Non-Profit is now helping with that. With a Board just seated and the designation she needed...kids now across the Western Slop don't have to travel to Denver to get a diagnosis that could cost upwards to $2,500.00. Sara and Western Colorado Educational Services can do it for much cheaper AND you don't have to drive all the way to Denver.  Sara saw a need...and as busy as she is with her own life and large family...she knew she could help, and now she's changing lives with the cerebral and affordable Western Colorado Educational Services. 

Here is Sara Hect's "Good News"
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For more information on Sara and the Non-Profit AHA! - Western Colorado Educational Services ...just go to their Website:    - wceducationalservices.com -