Kids Aid, The Backpack Program - ‘Wheels that Heal’ and feeding kids!

February 8, 2016

Kids Aid, The Backpack Program started out as an idea from one Mike Berry. He saw a need and took steps to make a change. Kids in Mesa County going hungry on the weekends. Away from school and the school cafeteria. So Mike approached MBC Grand Broadcasting in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was there that he met General Manager, Dave Beck and a powerful collaboration was formed. Mike Berry with his drive and passion and the power of local radio. The rest is history. Fast forward 8 years and Kids Aid is feeding over two-thousand kids a week in Mesa County... at a cost of over $7-thousand dollars a week. All thanks to grants and the kindness of the Grand Valley. And now ... they've created the Program, Wheels that Heal... opening the door for the donation from the public... of old cars that run and don't run and really any other vehicle. Those cars that don't mean much to you...can go a long way to putting food in a young person's belly. 

Executive Director of Kids Aid, Mary Beth Luedtke says... "the power of radio is a major factor in their success in getting the word out about the need for food for kids in the Grand Valley." And ...Dave Beck will be the first to tell you ...we all live here ...and his goal, the radio stations' to make the Western Slope a better place to live. 
If you would like to donate your old car, running or not,  (they'll pick it up for free!) Call: 970 234-2700. 
Here's their Website:
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