Kathy’s KSTAR Contest and Discovering her Roots.

April 21, 2016

Kathy Hetzel had been searching for her father since he left the family when she was just four years old...and in 1989...she found him, kinda. He had died just a year before. So she never got to resolve her issues with why a dad would leave her and her family... Enter 96.1 KSTAR and a contest. You see, Kathy in finding out her father had passed away...also discovered she had a brother she never knew about. So she found him, they talked...but it was distance, time and money keeping the two long-lost siblings apart...the Contest. KSTAR had a radio contest in 1989...where a listener would write a letter on why they should have a loved one flown in to the Grand Valley for Valentines Day...Kathy Wrote a heartfelt letter ...and you guessed it...She won the Contest. But for Kathy this was more than a contest...it was a reunion...34 years in the making...meeting a brother she never knew she had and discovering her past. KSTAR paid for her brother to come in... but what Kathy got from then on? Is priceless. 

Here is Kathy Hetzel's "Good News."