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David Keech: British, Grand Junction Cop & A Proud American.

June 24, 2016

David Keech is an American and... a British Citizen. Because, once a Brit always a Brit. But David married an American woman and came to the States almost 10 years ago... He took the test to become an American Citizen... and he even speaks our language...kinda. The accent is still strong in the affable Grand Junction Police Officer who now calls the Western Slope home. Dave came to Junction to work with a buddy at GJ Scores...but that didn't work out. Dave had always wanted to be a Police Officer... he was considered too short to be a Bobby in his hometown just outside London...but in America height, not an issue with the Brit with the big personality. Dave says his accent is a good 'attention getter' in domestic disputes and basically with anybody he's talking to whether he's arresting them or just trying to diffuse a situation. 

He says in the heat of the moment...his accent can get pretty thick and maybe just a tad not understandable for the average Joe. He says his co-workers get a good laugh at his British-MoJo... in moments. David is also an accomplished Martial Arts Expert and teaches classes in the Grand Valley. But it's his love of his job, his great attitude and his desire to bust drunk drivers... that make him even more likable. And "no" he says... he's not from Australia ...but he gets that so much...he says he's stopped correcting people and will say " throw another shrimp on the Barbi" just for fun. 
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