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Tony Was Just Looking for a Job Where He Could Shine…Who Knew?

Tony Was Just Looking for a Job Where He Could Shine…Who Knew?

February 7, 2017

Tony was young, living in the small Western Colorado Town of Montrose, he was a little burned out at his current job as a forklift operator, so he opened the paper, checked out the classifieds and his finger landed on 'electroplating.' He had no idea what it was, but the next thing he knew? He was hired and flying by the seat of his pants. Did I mention that fancy job title was at a huge company, Acme Silver Plating... that consisted of 3 people? That included Tony and the owners, a husband and wife team! What did they do and did Tony stick around? Well,14 years later, shining and plating all types of objects and awards including the prestigious Grammys, Tony, He's quite happy. Here is Tony's... Allgood News.

The Bike Shop: Ash & Brian, Buddies, Bikes and One Mustache.

The Bike Shop: Ash & Brian, Buddies, Bikes and One Mustache.

June 24, 2016

For 22 years, The Bike Shop on 10th and North Avenue has been wrenching, tweaking, tightening and selling bikes, bike parts and more importantly...the love of cycling. The driving force behind the most popular bike shop in the Grand Valley? 

Brain and Ashley, Co-Owners since 1994 and total opposites since forever! But...that's what makes them and the BIKE SHOP so GOOD! Brian is that master mechanic and whiz at fixing any and everything bike related ...Kind of like the MacGyver of bikes ...and Ash? Sales, Parts and Service...He's the shine on the chrome and the "yes man!"... This all of course some 'tongue in cheek" stuff...but true as well. Both these two life-long Grand Valley Men have devoted most ...if not their entire lives to one thing with two wheels...bikes! 
From the first time they now...these two are uniquely who they are and true to their passions. It is a synergistic burst of bicycling condensed into a shop that prides itself on consistency, community, speed and honesty... serving the huge cycling population on the Western Slope and all the tourists who find their way to the shop for one reason or another...come back year after year. The guy who bought his bike at the Bike Shop...and is now buying his kid a bike at the shop. People come back for a reason... It has nothing to do with has to do with family, consistency, CUSTOMER service and familiarity and did I say Customer Service? Oh and Trust! 
Full disclosure... I've taken my bike to these guys for almost a decade...when I was a poor sap to now a more known radio sap...They always treated me and my dilapidated bikes with care and honesty...So I finally just wanted to sit down and meet and talk with Brian and Ash and find out about that mustache, which has become iconic in our area and a symbol for the Bike Shop...and I wanted to just know how these guys they do anything outside work together?  ( Just the Christmas Party!) True! LOL... 
If you cycle know these guys... if  you live and work in Grand Junction see their shop...and if you're like me and like interesting people? You will LOVE the owners of the Bike Shop!
Here is Ash and Brian's "Good News." 
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David Keech: British, Grand Junction Cop & A Proud American.

David Keech: British, Grand Junction Cop & A Proud American.

June 24, 2016

David Keech is an American and... a British Citizen. Because, once a Brit always a Brit. But David married an American woman and came to the States almost 10 years ago... He took the test to become an American Citizen... and he even speaks our language...kinda. The accent is still strong in the affable Grand Junction Police Officer who now calls the Western Slope home. Dave came to Junction to work with a buddy at GJ Scores...but that didn't work out. Dave had always wanted to be a Police Officer... he was considered too short to be a Bobby in his hometown just outside London...but in America height, not an issue with the Brit with the big personality. Dave says his accent is a good 'attention getter' in domestic disputes and basically with anybody he's talking to whether he's arresting them or just trying to diffuse a situation. 

He says in the heat of the moment...his accent can get pretty thick and maybe just a tad not understandable for the average Joe. He says his co-workers get a good laugh at his British-MoJo... in moments. David is also an accomplished Martial Arts Expert and teaches classes in the Grand Valley. But it's his love of his job, his great attitude and his desire to bust drunk drivers... that make him even more likable. And "no" he says... he's not from Australia ...but he gets that so much...he says he's stopped correcting people and will say " throw another shrimp on the Barbi" just for fun. 
Here is David Keech's "GOOD NEWS" 

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WANDA BRYAN: Dream Big Adaptive Watersports. A Wave of Love.

WANDA BRYAN: Dream Big Adaptive Watersports. A Wave of Love.

June 24, 2016

Wanda Bryan will tell you, she's no spring chicken, the grandmother and great grandmother loves water...skiing and volunteering...and has no plans on slowing down. So back in 2011 when asked if she would host some water activities for people with disabilities...without hesitation...she said 'Yes." 

Not realizing what exactly it was that she was going to be doing...but after seeing the joy on the faces of the kids and adults who were experiencing skiing, tubing and lots of other activities for the first time ...or for the first time since becoming "disabled...she was hooked. 
She knew her dream home with a 55 acre lake was forever going to be changed...and she had the power to change lives ...if but for only a few weekends each summer. It was time ...for Wanda Bryan to Give Back! So with help from a lot of generous folks here in Town, The Grand Junction Native started her Non-Profit... Dream Big Adaptive Watersports. The program that gets amazing people to do amazing things on water...challenging, wonderful and lots of breakthroughs. Just like Wanda says..." You gotta see it to believe it." In water ...she says... there is a freedom a lot of these people don't experience in their everyday lives dealing with their mental and/or physical challenges. 


The program is completely free and run on donations. The pay for Wanda and all the Volunteers that help our on the big weekends? The Smiles on faces of the people making memories, one ski ride, kayak paddle, tube or boat ride a time. Oh, and the families! It is a family affair...with Disabled Veterans not only participating ...but Volunteering their toughness, knowledge and wisdom. With special water equipment for all types of disabilities... Wanda's goal is to get any and everybody out on the water who wants to challenge themselves ...and the notion...a disability is a lifestyle...It is's just a speed bump on the next wave of life. 
While a lot of Wanda's friends have retired and gone the way of the easy life... she says ...she's like a pinball...bouncing from one thing to another...but this time she has found her passion, one smile at a time...two weekends a summer, making dreams and moments that will last a lifetime. 

If you'd like to know more about "DREAM BIG ADAPTIVE WATERSPORTS" Just go to their Facebook Page...Or EMAIL Wanda at: 

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Jaqub Gurule: College Grad, Wrestler, Hunter, Huge SMILE and oh yeah…Living with MS.

Jaqub Gurule: College Grad, Wrestler, Hunter, Huge SMILE and oh yeah…Living with MS.

June 1, 2016

Jaqub Gurule is one of the most positive people I've ever met. Genuine, Real, down to earth, gregarious...all the adjectives you can think of ...That's Jaqub. The former All-Star Wrestler at Central High School, ( he was a National Runner-up TWICE!) at just 24, is working two jobs, is an avid hunter and hits the gym 5-6 days a week. He's been featured in several Hunting Magazines and his love for life, the people around him and his amazing sense of humor are a magnet and energy which extends throughout the aura around him. If that sounds too good to be true...just spend a minute with Jacub... 
IMG_9407.jpg         ELK_.jpg   Graduate.jpg

I spent an hour interviewing and talking with him...and lets just say...He made me feel good about my day. That's the kind of guy he is. I interviewed Jaqub in the afternoon...he had spent the entire morning in an MRI machine at the hospital... 

MRI_party.jpg     CMU_pic.jpg

You see, this 2016 Graduate of Colorado Mesa University, who works 2 jobs, works out everyday...Hunts anytime he can...also is battling Multiple Sclerosis. He got the diagnosis at age 19...So for the last 5 years? He's Had one be the best Jaqub he can be... and... with all the unknown of the disease that attacks the nervous system... he hasn't flinched. His Mantra? Bring it on MS...lets go! 
Jaqub Gurule is the real deal... I'm thinking if everybody had his attitude and zest for life...this world would be a better place. By the Way...I asked Jaqub...if he had any bucket list items...he said, just two... to possibly Bungee jump and maybe Jump out of a plane...with a parachute!
Other than that? He's a pretty happy us ALL perspective on what life is really all about.

Here is Jaqub's "Good News". 

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David Bristol:  Vietnam, life and putting it on paper.

David Bristol: Vietnam, life and putting it on paper.

May 30, 2016

David Bristol is a beloved Coach, Teacher and Principal. He's also a proud Vietnam War Veteran. The Army Ranger...spent just over 10 months in Vietnam. But it's those intense moments... that have shaped and turned David's life. The Western Slope Native went into the Military shortly after graduating from Fruita High School. He knew if he didn't go voluntarily...he'd probably get drafted. Next thing you know, David had graduated Army Ranger School and he was off to war. What he did and how it shaped his life is in his new book "My War: Long Range Reconnaissance in the Highlands of Vietnam." 

Dave writing the book partly to remember ...partly for therapy. You see ... the man who was a leader, a coach a teacher and a friend for 33 years? Was suffering from the effects of doing the unthinkable...having to kill in the name of his country. On TV, it's one on the ground? That's another. David was incredibly  candid, humble and straightforward when I interviewed him. Very likable... and I came away with a better understanding of what just a little war can do to a young man's mind...and the struggles that come with leading a 'normal' life after being subjected to the harsh realities of War. 
Here is David L. Bristol's "Good News."

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Harlin Wall:  Part II - The Porcupine Story.

Harlin Wall: Part II - The Porcupine Story.

May 5, 2016

HARLIN Wall is quite a character. So much in fact, he's the first Allgood News story I had to split into more than one story since I began doing these more than 6 years ago. I interviewed Harlin for just 30 minutes and in that time...I don't think I have ever laughed so hard during an interview...ever. Harlin has a unique way of telling a story, a perfect, he has a passion for what he does and that's animals. It's the rare combination of the gift of gab combined with the power of knowledge and the interesting understanding of the world around him that is inhabited by more than just the two-footed variety of humans. He's genuine. A lot of things shine through in an interview... and for Harlin? It is truly Passion. AND, that sense of dry humor. This is the Porcupine story...


Harlin and his brother, Steve... got a call about a Porcupine up a tree in Sherwood Park here in Grand Junction. I'll let Harlin tell you the rest ...the only way Harlin can...with a sense of Humor and almost wonderment at the predicaments he finds himself in in his pursuit to help wayward animals when ours and their worlds collide. Grand Junction and Mesa County are lucky to have a guy like Harlin to call...should they need him. 
Listen to Harlin Wall's Allgood News by clicking the Player Below: Enjoy! 
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Dave Allgood   

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For more on Harlin and his Personal Business or If you have a question about an animal in YOUR area or Yard...give him a call...He'd love to chat with you. 

WALL to WALL Reptiles : (970) 255-9255  

He's on Facebook: Harlin Wall  
Harlin Wall, The Witty Critter Wrangler of the Western Slope.

Harlin Wall, The Witty Critter Wrangler of the Western Slope.

May 5, 2016

Harlin Wall is the Jack Hanna or maybe the Steve Irwin of Mesa County. When there is a wayward critter loose in a human neighborhood...  The Grand Junction Police summon the man who has wrangled everything from Beavers to Porcupines, Snakes to Foxes. The calls coming at all times in the day and night,


Harlin faithfully showing up in his ...Prius! Not exactly a Range Rover on the Plains of the Kilimanjaro ... But Harlin will tell you he's never been traditional and walks to the beat of his own drummer. Not always easy for a man who is married with 3 young boys. But you see... Harlin has as passion for animals...always has. Just ask any of his Grand Junction Teachers over the years who dealt with the inquisitive, young Wall who brought everything from snakes to baby prairie dogs to the classroom. 

A Western Slope Native, Grand Junction High Graduate and Mesa State Alum. Harlin is as happy as a clam in his role as sherpa to the critters here in the Grand Valley. 
So what drives a person to do what they do...We're all curious right? I'd say 90-percent of the time it's passion. And in Harlin's case, I'd say that number is more like 100%. 
Harlin truly loves what he does. Something that started at an early age and that kid-like fascination has never left the man. How cool is that? 
I will say this is one of the funniest interviews I have ever done. Harlin has an incredible sense of humor, wrapped in a compassionate feel for the world around him and all the animals that he shares his home with. I have a feeling Harlin could do anything he wanted to...including 'stand-up' comedy. But lucky for us, the people of Grand Junction, he has chosen to be the Dr. Doolittle in our area...and I think that's just dandy.  

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For more on Harlin and his Personal Business or If you have a question about an animal in YOUR area or Yard...give him a call...He'd love to chat with you. 

WALL to WALL Reptiles : (970) 255-9255  

He's on Facebook: Harlin Wall  
Ed Lipton & The Rose Hill Rally. A St. Mary’s Tradition.

Ed Lipton & The Rose Hill Rally. A St. Mary’s Tradition.

April 25, 2016

Ed Lipton quietly goes about his business when it comes to organizing the Rose Hill Rally here in Grand Junction for St. Mary's Medical Center. The retired lawyer and avid cyclist seems to be always in motion whether it's riding his bike everyday...or doing some footwork for the Rose Hill Rally. A bike ride which is a fundraiser for The Rose Hill Hospitality House. A 20-Unit facility for patients and their family members that live outside Mesa County. A hidden gem and a godsend for families trying to get better and save costs from traveling and lodging. Ed has been the man behind the scene for almost 16 years and this is the 20th year of the Rally. 
The 31 and 62 mile bike ride is a staple in the Grand Valley, raising anywhere from $20-$30-thousand dollars or more a year for the Rose Hill Hospitality House. Why does Ed do it? Because he's a nice guy and maybe, just maybe... there's something pretty cool about just giving when you can. Ed was very humble in the interview...letting me know that he has lots of help...and this is not "about him." I just love people like Ed Lipton... who could do a lot of things in retirement...but instead choose to give back. That's what makes our community so great. 

Listen to Ed Lipton's "Good News" (just click the play button) 
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Chris Terebesi, Honoring Her Mom, One Strike at a Time.

Chris Terebesi, Honoring Her Mom, One Strike at a Time.

April 24, 2016

Chris Terebisi has a full life, the Mom, Wife, full time worker ( she has TWO jobs Abbey Carpet and Orchard Mesa Lanes...)  and Western Slope Native ...says she's really happy these days. But, and there is a 'but'... there is one time a year that she is reminded of some unfinished business in her world. A fundraiser she coordinates in honor of her mom, Mary ...who lost her battle with breast cancer 9 years ago. Chris says she will never forget the physical and mental toll cancer took on her mother and on the family. AND, that Mary died just a month before she was able to ever see her first Granddaughter, Chris's one and only child, was heartbreaking. So, while she was pregnant, Chris dealing with so many emotions...a brand new life inside her while her mom, just 54 years old at the time...was riddled with cancer...and life slowly leaking from her frail body. All Chris could do was just watch. So, a year after her mother's passing...Chris knew she had to do something to honor her mom who instilled so many great values in her.


 Thus, Striking and Stroking for a Cure was born. Bowling at Orchard Mesa Lanes and Golfing at Chipeta Golf Course...all to raise money in Mary's Honor for the National Breast Cancer Association. To Date? Chris and all the people who have participated have raised more than $50,000.00! A lot of money...but better than that... A life lesson for Chris, her daughter and everyone who has lost somebody they love to Cancer. 
Talking to Chris... her passion for the cause, her anger at cancer and her vision for the future is poignant, candid and very honest. 
Listen for Yourself:
Here is Chris Terebesi's 'Good News.'  
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For More information on Striking and Stroking for a Cure: 
Sunday, May 1st, 2016 
Call: 970-260-6274 

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