WANDA BRYAN: Dream Big Adaptive Watersports. A Wave of Love.

June 24, 2016

Wanda Bryan will tell you, she's no spring chicken, the grandmother and great grandmother loves water...skiing and volunteering...and has no plans on slowing down. So back in 2011 when asked if she would host some water activities for people with disabilities...without hesitation...she said 'Yes." 

Not realizing what exactly it was that she was going to be doing...but after seeing the joy on the faces of the kids and adults who were experiencing skiing, tubing and lots of other activities for the first time ...or for the first time since becoming "disabled...she was hooked. 
She knew her dream home with a 55 acre lake was forever going to be changed...and she had the power to change lives ...if but for only a few weekends each summer. It was time ...for Wanda Bryan to Give Back! So with help from a lot of generous folks here in Town, The Grand Junction Native started her Non-Profit... Dream Big Adaptive Watersports. The program that gets amazing people to do amazing things on water...challenging, wonderful and lots of breakthroughs. Just like Wanda says..." You gotta see it to believe it." In water ...she says... there is a freedom a lot of these people don't experience in their everyday lives dealing with their mental and/or physical challenges. 


The program is completely free and run on donations. The pay for Wanda and all the Volunteers that help our on the big weekends? The Smiles on faces of the people making memories, one ski ride, kayak paddle, tube or boat ride ...at a time. Oh, and the families! It is a family affair...with Disabled Veterans not only participating ...but Volunteering their toughness, knowledge and wisdom. With special water equipment for all types of disabilities... Wanda's goal is to get any and everybody out on the water who wants to challenge themselves ...and the notion...a disability is a lifestyle...It is not...it's just a speed bump on the next wave of life. 
While a lot of Wanda's friends have retired and gone the way of the easy life... she says ...she's like a pinball...bouncing from one thing to another...but this time she has found her passion, one smile at a time...two weekends a summer, making dreams and moments that will last a lifetime. 

If you'd like to know more about "DREAM BIG ADAPTIVE WATERSPORTS" Just go to their Facebook Page...Or EMAIL Wanda at: dbadaptivewatersports@hotmail.com 

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