The Bike Shop: Ash & Brian, Buddies, Bikes and One Mustache.

June 24, 2016

For 22 years, The Bike Shop on 10th and North Avenue has been wrenching, tweaking, tightening and selling bikes, bike parts and more importantly...the love of cycling. The driving force behind the most popular bike shop in the Grand Valley? 

Brain and Ashley, Co-Owners since 1994 and total opposites since forever! But...that's what makes them and the BIKE SHOP so GOOD! Brian is that master mechanic and whiz at fixing any and everything bike related ...Kind of like the MacGyver of bikes ...and Ash? Sales, Parts and Service...He's the shine on the chrome and the "yes man!"... This all of course some 'tongue in cheek" stuff...but true as well. Both these two life-long Grand Valley Men have devoted most ...if not their entire lives to one thing with two wheels...bikes! 
From the first time they now...these two are uniquely who they are and true to their passions. It is a synergistic burst of bicycling condensed into a shop that prides itself on consistency, community, speed and honesty... serving the huge cycling population on the Western Slope and all the tourists who find their way to the shop for one reason or another...come back year after year. The guy who bought his bike at the Bike Shop...and is now buying his kid a bike at the shop. People come back for a reason... It has nothing to do with has to do with family, consistency, CUSTOMER service and familiarity and did I say Customer Service? Oh and Trust! 
Full disclosure... I've taken my bike to these guys for almost a decade...when I was a poor sap to now a more known radio sap...They always treated me and my dilapidated bikes with care and honesty...So I finally just wanted to sit down and meet and talk with Brian and Ash and find out about that mustache, which has become iconic in our area and a symbol for the Bike Shop...and I wanted to just know how these guys they do anything outside work together?  ( Just the Christmas Party!) True! LOL... 
If you cycle know these guys... if  you live and work in Grand Junction see their shop...and if you're like me and like interesting people? You will LOVE the owners of the Bike Shop!
Here is Ash and Brian's "Good News." 
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