Jaqub Gurule: College Grad, Wrestler, Hunter, Huge SMILE and oh yeah…Living with MS.

June 1, 2016

Jaqub Gurule is one of the most positive people I've ever met. Genuine, Real, down to earth, gregarious...all the adjectives you can think of ...That's Jaqub. The former All-Star Wrestler at Central High School, ( he was a National Runner-up TWICE!) at just 24, is working two jobs, is an avid hunter and hits the gym 5-6 days a week. He's been featured in several Hunting Magazines and his love for life, the people around him and his amazing sense of humor are a magnet and energy which extends throughout the aura around him. If that sounds too good to be true...just spend a minute with Jacub... 
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I spent an hour interviewing and talking with him...and lets just say...He made me feel good about my day. That's the kind of guy he is. I interviewed Jaqub in the afternoon...he had spent the entire morning in an MRI machine at the hospital... 

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You see, this 2016 Graduate of Colorado Mesa University, who works 2 jobs, works out everyday...Hunts anytime he can...also is battling Multiple Sclerosis. He got the diagnosis at age 19...So for the last 5 years? He's Had one mission...to be the best Jaqub he can be... and... with all the unknown of the disease that attacks the nervous system... he hasn't flinched. His Mantra? Bring it on MS...lets go! 
Jaqub Gurule is the real deal... I'm thinking if everybody had his attitude and zest for life...this world would be a better place. By the Way...I asked Jaqub...if he had any bucket list items...he said, just two... to possibly Bungee jump and maybe Jump out of a plane...with a parachute!
Other than that? He's a pretty happy guy...giving us ALL perspective on what life is really all about.

Here is Jaqub's "Good News". 

Just click on the player below to listen: 
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