Harlin Wall: Part II - The Porcupine Story.

May 5, 2016

HARLIN Wall is quite a character. So much in fact, he's the first Allgood News story I had to split into more than one story since I began doing these more than 6 years ago. I interviewed Harlin for just 30 minutes and in that time...I don't think I have ever laughed so hard during an interview...ever. Harlin has a unique way of telling a story, a perfect delivery...plus, he has a passion for what he does and that's animals. It's the rare combination of the gift of gab combined with the power of knowledge and the interesting understanding of the world around him that is inhabited by more than just the two-footed variety of humans. He's genuine. A lot of things shine through in an interview... and for Harlin? It is truly Passion. AND, that sense of dry humor. This is the Porcupine story...


Harlin and his brother, Steve... got a call about a Porcupine up a tree in Sherwood Park here in Grand Junction. I'll let Harlin tell you the rest ...the only way Harlin can...with a sense of Humor and almost wonderment at the predicaments he finds himself in in his pursuit to help wayward animals when ours and their worlds collide. Grand Junction and Mesa County are lucky to have a guy like Harlin to call...should they need him. 
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Dave Allgood   

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For more on Harlin and his Personal Business or If you have a question about an animal in YOUR area or Yard...give him a call...He'd love to chat with you. 

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