Harlin Wall, The Witty Critter Wrangler of the Western Slope.

May 5, 2016

Harlin Wall is the Jack Hanna or maybe the Steve Irwin of Mesa County. When there is a wayward critter loose in a human neighborhood...  The Grand Junction Police summon the man who has wrangled everything from Beavers to Porcupines, Snakes to Foxes. The calls coming at all times in the day and night,


Harlin faithfully showing up in his ...Prius! Not exactly a Range Rover on the Plains of the Kilimanjaro ... But Harlin will tell you he's never been traditional and walks to the beat of his own drummer. Not always easy for a man who is married with 3 young boys. But you see... Harlin has as passion for animals...always has. Just ask any of his Grand Junction Teachers over the years who dealt with the inquisitive, young Wall who brought everything from snakes to baby prairie dogs to the classroom. 

A Western Slope Native, Grand Junction High Graduate and Mesa State Alum. Harlin is as happy as a clam in his role as sherpa to the critters here in the Grand Valley. 
So what drives a person to do what they do...We're all curious right? I'd say 90-percent of the time it's passion. And in Harlin's case, I'd say that number is more like 100%. 
Harlin truly loves what he does. Something that started at an early age and that kid-like fascination has never left the man. How cool is that? 
I will say this is one of the funniest interviews I have ever done. Harlin has an incredible sense of humor, wrapped in a compassionate feel for the world around him and all the animals that he shares his home with. I have a feeling Harlin could do anything he wanted to...including 'stand-up' comedy. But lucky for us, the people of Grand Junction, he has chosen to be the Dr. Doolittle in our area...and I think that's just dandy.  

Listen & Share:  Harlin Wall's 'GOOD News' on the Player below. 

For more on Harlin and his Personal Business or If you have a question about an animal in YOUR area or Yard...give him a call...He'd love to chat with you. 

WALL to WALL Reptiles : (970) 255-9255  
Email: wall2wallreptiles@AOL.com 

He's on Facebook: Harlin Wall