Ed Lipton & The Rose Hill Rally. A St. Mary’s Tradition.

April 25, 2016

Ed Lipton quietly goes about his business when it comes to organizing the Rose Hill Rally here in Grand Junction for St. Mary's Medical Center. The retired lawyer and avid cyclist seems to be always in motion whether it's riding his bike everyday...or doing some footwork for the Rose Hill Rally. A bike ride which is a fundraiser for The Rose Hill Hospitality House. A 20-Unit facility for patients and their family members that live outside Mesa County. A hidden gem and a godsend for families trying to get better and save costs from traveling and lodging. Ed has been the man behind the scene for almost 16 years and this is the 20th year of the Rally. 
The 31 and 62 mile bike ride is a staple in the Grand Valley, raising anywhere from $20-$30-thousand dollars or more a year for the Rose Hill Hospitality House. Why does Ed do it? Because he's a nice guy and maybe, just maybe... there's something pretty cool about just giving when you can. Ed was very humble in the interview...letting me know that he has lots of help...and this is not "about him." I just love people like Ed Lipton... who could do a lot of things in retirement...but instead choose to give back. That's what makes our community so great. 

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