David Bristol: Vietnam, life and putting it on paper.

May 30, 2016

David Bristol is a beloved Coach, Teacher and Principal. He's also a proud Vietnam War Veteran. The Army Ranger...spent just over 10 months in Vietnam. But it's those intense moments... that have shaped and turned David's life. The Western Slope Native went into the Military shortly after graduating from Fruita High School. He knew if he didn't go voluntarily...he'd probably get drafted. Next thing you know, David had graduated Army Ranger School and he was off to war. What he did and how it shaped his life is in his new book "My War: Long Range Reconnaissance in the Highlands of Vietnam." 

Dave writing the book partly to remember ...partly for therapy. You see ... the man who was a leader, a coach a teacher and a friend for 33 years? Was suffering from the effects of doing the unthinkable...having to kill in the name of his country. On TV, it's one thing...boots on the ground? That's another. David was incredibly  candid, humble and straightforward when I interviewed him. Very likable... and I came away with a better understanding of what just a little war can do to a young man's mind...and the struggles that come with leading a 'normal' life after being subjected to the harsh realities of War. 
Here is David L. Bristol's "Good News."

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