Chris Terebesi, Honoring Her Mom, One Strike at a Time.

April 24, 2016

Chris Terebisi has a full life, the Mom, Wife, full time worker ( she has TWO jobs Abbey Carpet and Orchard Mesa Lanes...)  and Western Slope Native ...says she's really happy these days. But, and there is a 'but'... there is one time a year that she is reminded of some unfinished business in her world. A fundraiser she coordinates in honor of her mom, Mary ...who lost her battle with breast cancer 9 years ago. Chris says she will never forget the physical and mental toll cancer took on her mother and on the family. AND, that Mary died just a month before she was able to ever see her first Granddaughter, Chris's one and only child, was heartbreaking. So, while she was pregnant, Chris dealing with so many emotions...a brand new life inside her while her mom, just 54 years old at the time...was riddled with cancer...and life slowly leaking from her frail body. All Chris could do was just watch. So, a year after her mother's passing...Chris knew she had to do something to honor her mom who instilled so many great values in her.


 Thus, Striking and Stroking for a Cure was born. Bowling at Orchard Mesa Lanes and Golfing at Chipeta Golf Course...all to raise money in Mary's Honor for the National Breast Cancer Association. To Date? Chris and all the people who have participated have raised more than $50,000.00! A lot of money...but better than that... A life lesson for Chris, her daughter and everyone who has lost somebody they love to Cancer. 
Talking to Chris... her passion for the cause, her anger at cancer and her vision for the future is poignant, candid and very honest. 
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Here is Chris Terebesi's 'Good News.'  
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Sunday, May 1st, 2016 
Call: 970-260-6274