Tony Was Just Looking for a Job Where He Could Shine…Who Knew?

February 7, 2017

Tony was young, living in the small Western Colorado Town of Montrose, he was a little burned out at his current job as a forklift operator, so he opened the paper, checked out the classifieds and his finger landed on 'electroplating.' He had no idea what it was, but the next thing he knew? He was hired and flying by the seat of his pants. Did I mention that fancy job title was at a huge company, Acme Silver Plating... that consisted of 3 people? That included Tony and the owners, a husband and wife team! What did they do and did Tony stick around? Well,14 years later, shining and plating all types of objects and awards including the prestigious Grammys, Tony, He's quite happy. Here is Tony's... Allgood News.